Facial Treatments


Essential Eye Treatment $30.20
Love Your Lips Treatment $30.20
Add Both $57.20
Eye Zone Treatment $40.20
A hydration treatment for the eyes - also includes a 5ml Pefecting Gel for you to take home so you can keep your eyes looking youthful
45min Facial Treatments

45min Facial Treatments

Revitalize Facial Treatment $100.60
Includes cleanse, exfoliation, herbal steam and mask. Designed to boost & revitalize your skin (does not include a massage)
Juvenescent $117.90
Enrich your Revitalize Facial with our Juvenescent Solutions range of products

1hr Facial Treatments

Revitalize Facial Treatment $129.40
Initiated by a gentle cleanse to remove make-up & impurities. Followed by exfoliation and a direct warm mist of herbal steam to hydrate your skin. The relaxing massage and intensive mask continues the indulgence. A floral mist or concentrate is applied under a day cream to complete the ultimate facial treatment
Juvenescent $146.60
Packed with anti-oxidants this facial is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling & looking younger. We cleanse, soak & exfoliate using our solutions AA range, followed with aromatherapy steam to soften the skin allowing the Anti-Aging serums to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin. Anti-oxidant mist & moisturiser is applied with essential eye cream & nourishing neck cream to protect & nourish the skin

1 1/2 hour Facial Treatments

Juvenescent Facial TreatmentApprox. 1 1/2 hour$179.70
An ultra-hydrating, anti-ageing treatment for the skin. Following a different format to our other facials your therapist will deliver therapeutic levels of plant extracts and essences that are soaked in gauze and then compressed onto your skin while you enjoy aromatherapy steam. Includes a complimentary hand, head and foot massage.